Floyd Mayweather Vs Marcos Maidana Fight Tickets

Floyd Mayweather Vs Marcos Maidana And The MGM Grand

Floyd Mayweather is one of the most recognized names in the boxing arena right now. Even non-boxing fans will recognize his name and with good reason. He sports a 45-0 record with 26 knockouts. Pair that name with a venue like the MGM Grand, and regardless who Money-May is fighting, you’ve got yourself a popular event.

These Links Let You Buy Tickets To The Fight

Tickets’ prices range anywhere from $350 to $1,500. And as Mayweather made the announcement via twitter, his opponent – Marcos Maidana, was said to be unsure that his camp could confirm the event. Since then however, the tickets are on sale and everyone from Mayweather, Maidana, to the folks at the MGM Grand are now on board.

Ticket Sales
High-dollar ticket sales are typical for an event of this nature. Moreover, considering that the Barclays Center in New York made a strong push to get the fight, the fact that it is being held at the MGM Grand means that tickets are going to be widely available to those interested in forking over the cash to see the fight live.

Mayweather lives just minutes from the MGM Grand, and when the announcement was made, he referred to the MGM as his home away from home. Golden Boy Productions will promote Mayweather’s fight as usual. Since Golden Boy Production has a deal with the Barclays Center to bring regular boxing to that arena, many were surprised that Mayweather was able to shift this one back to where he calls home. Mayweather has brought home some massive paydays from the fights in Las Vegas so there was no real need for him to stray from his comfort zone.

Floyd Mayweather And His History At The MGM Grand
This will be Mayweather’s ninth fight in a row at the MGM Grand dating back to his record-breaking junior middleweight title fight with Oscar De La Hoya in 2007. That fight was so popular even the pay-per-view units reached 2.4 million.

This will make 11 fights in a row for Mayweather in Vegas as he also fought bouts at the Mandalay Bay and the Thomas & Mack Center. Mayweather has not been shy about the fact that he wants his fights to be the Super Bowl of boxing. Moreover, there is no state income tax in Nevada, and there is in New York. That alone allows Mayweather to save millions of dollars in taxes. In simpler words, it just makes sense for him to insist on fighting in Vegas and in this venue specifically.

What About Marcos Maidana’s History?
Marcos Maidana is no slouch himself. He is an Argentine professional and currently holds the WBA Welterweight championship. His record may not be as impressive as Mayweathers, at 35 wins and 3 losses. However, his only professional losses have been recorded against Andreas Kotelnik, Amir Khan, and Devon Alexander – with each of the fights requiring a decision. However, Maidana just recently handed down a defeat to Aidrien Broner and that was Broners first loss. That was the fight that secured him the welterweight title.

Get Ready To Fight
Obviously, Mayweather carries the bigger name; the better record; and apparently, some degree of favor in the location of the bout. However, you can never count anyone out in these types of fights. The best thing to do is secure your tickets now. If that’s not possible, make sure you free your calendar for May 3, and find the best and most comfortable venue possible to view the fight. It should be a good one!